AHHH ok I hope you watched the video before you read this but if not WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST THATS WHAT YOURE HERE FOR!! ITS RIGHT UP THERE WATCH THAT SHIT!   *sigh* anyway I’m doing this its my first video on my new blog/vlog site!! AHHHHHHH so yeah this was Coachella 2018 wit me and my bishhheesss. Starting today I will be posting EVERYTHING OMG VISUALS RIGHT HERE ON THIS SITE  I probably won’t be posting on my youtube anymore I will still have my channel but this is where imma be if you wanna see me from now on omgvisuals.org babyyyyy!!  Thanks for watching if ya haven’t and wanted to read this first GO WATCH THAT SHIT! Watch it a few times send the link to a friend or 20.then watch it again you aint even gotta like it jus WATCH…….. IT HAS BEYONCE AND LIGHTS AND MUSIC AND ME AND MY FRIENDS TWERKING AND HAVING FUN SO YOUR GONNA FUCKING LOVE IT LOL BYE!!


3 thoughts on “HOCHELLA ’18

  1. This was a master piece. I love every moment you captured in this video. I enjoyed seeing Beyoncé, but I enjoyed the level of friendship and happiness displayed in y’all “HOCHELLA” adventure. Everything about this video was organic and natural I felt the warmth. I can’t wait to see what other adventures you take. My seat belt is fastened and I’m ready to be taken on the next journey…..


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